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Cali Houston in “Cali Houston, We Have Anal!” – 50 Plus MILFs

When this scene opens, 50-year-old Cali Houston is at the window, waving good bye to her husband. She tells him she loves him. That may be true, but she loves cock more. And didn’t he notice that she was already dressed to fuck when he left? Did he think she dresses like to run errands? Well, she doesn’t. Tony shows up, and she’s so happy to see him. “I missed you,” Cali says. She means she missed his cock. Cali takes him upstairs. “What’re you gonna do to me?” He doesn’t say. First, he’s going to eat her pussy. Then she’s going to suck his cock. Then he’s going to fuck her pussy. And then he’s going to fuck her ass. He tells her that. He’s also going to cum on her face. All this time, Cali doesn’t seem to miss her husband at all. Some of you might have seen Cali before. She debuted at when she was 48. Now she’s 50 and looking as fit and sexy as ever. She lives in Indiana, and she told us that she likes to drive her man crazy by sending him “naughty pics during the day so when I get home, he can’t wait to get his hands on me.” We asked Cali what she thinks is her best physical asset. “My ass,” she said. And that’s why it’s getting fucked in this scene.

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