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Dee Dee Derian in “Why do Pool Boys Get All the Good Ass?” – 40 Something Mag

If you’re looking for a profession in which you can get laid a lot, you could become an actor. Or a doctor. Or a politician. Or a pool boy. Yeah, pool boy, because judging by the porn videos we’ve seen, they get all the action. Here, Dee Dee Derian, who recently turned 50, is watching the pool boy do his job. She’s wearing a skimpy one-piece and rubbing herself. “Hey, pool boy, come in here,” she calls out. “It’s raining and I think you’ve done enough outdoors work.” She asks the pool boy if he can please her. “I think so,” he says. He’s not a man of many words, but she doesn’t care about that. She cares about his cock. He cares about this piece-of-ass MILF who’s taking his cock out of his shorts. Turns out that he has the proper equipment to fuck her mouth, eat her pussy and cram her shaved, mature pussy. She has the right equipment to ride his cock and take a load of cum all over her face. By the way, once upon a time, Dee Dee attracted national attention when her neighbors complained about her doing her yard work in a skimpy, animal-print bikini. Here, she’s again wearing a skimpy, animal-print swimsuit, but all the fucking is going on indoors. So keep your mouths shut, neighbors!

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