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Desiree Dalton in “Fringe Benefits” – 40 Something Mag

When we met Desiree Dalton for the first time, she said, “People wouldn’t be surprised to know I did this. It’s the next step in my evolution of self-exploration.” In Step Two of Desiree’s evolution of self-exploration, she fucks on-camera for the second time, this time with a stud who has a giant cock. Not that the last guy she fucked wasn’t hung. He was. We only give our girls the best. But Juan takes hung to a whole new level, especially for Desiree. “He definitely has the biggest cock I’ve ever fucked,” said this 45-year-old divorcee from Orlando, Florida who has been swinging for five years and has regular Sunday morning orgies with six couples. Hey, it beats tennis or golf! “I’m always evolving so there will always be new things in life that I would love to try. I love being watched having sex. I find it so erotic and sexy to have someone seeing me in an intimate moment. Because of that, I am enjoying getting to know the porn world.” And we’re enjoying getting to know Desiree.

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