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Jenny Hamilton in “Whos Pooling Who?” – 40 Something Mag

In this video, the guy thinks he’s going to teach Jenny Hamilton how to play pool. “Shooting pool is like touching a woman,” he tells her. “You gotta grab that rack, then you gotta break ’em in.” So much for subtlety. But it turns out she already knows how to play, and she’s 42, so she doesn’t need much breaking in. She just about clears the table and offers a challenge. “If I make this shot,” she says. “you eat my pussy, and then I get to fuck you.” At this point, he’s gotta be putting aside his male ego and hoping she sinks the shot, and of course, she does. “You think that’s good?” she says. “Wait until you stick your dick inside my pussy.” He eats her pussy, of course, on the pool table (where else?), then she sucks his dick, again on the pool table, and then he sticks his dick in her pussy (shaved, of course). And to finish things off, he shoots his load all over her pretty face. Now who do you think won this game?

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