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Jillian Foxxx in “Revenge Is Sweet but Jillian’s Ass Is Sweeter” – 40 Something Mag

Man, are these two guys in trouble. They both dated Jillian’s daughter, and now they’re going to have to answer to her mother. Is she going to call them on the carpet? Well, actually, Jillian doesn’t have a carpet. Her pussy is cleanly shaved. As for giving them a piece of her mind…well, actually, Jillian’s going to give them a piece of ass. Her ass. So, what happens next? Jillian sucks their cocks. One guy fucks Jillian’s mouth while the other fucks her pussy. Then one slips his cock inside her asshole. Then one’s in her ass and one’s in her pussy at the same time, and you best believe that Jillian’s daughter never gave the boys this kind of treatment. Of course, there’s hope for Jillian’s daughter yet. Being a slut is in the genes. Besides, if she isn’t careful, she’s going to lose all of her boyfriends to Mom.

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