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Moreen Helm in “Real Divorcee Of Orange County Gets Ass-fucked” – 50 Plus MILFs

Oh, I just love your cock, 55-year-old first-timer Moreen Helm says at the opening of this scene. “I know you’re going to fuck me hard. I just can’t get enough. Your cock is all I like.” Isn’t that nice? Isn’t it wonderful that women can get away with that kind of talk? Imagine if you said to a woman,”Oh, I just love your pussy. Your pussy is all I like”? She’d slap you across the face? She’d say, “You don’t like me for me?” or some kind of shit like that. But Moreen says, “Your cock is all I like” and within seconds, she has that cock in her mouth. Because we guys…we don’t have egos when it comes to stuff like that. If a MILF like Moreen wants to suck our cock down to the root and wants nothing else from us, that’s fine. But here’s the thing: Moreen does want something else. She wants that cock in her pussy. And she especially wants it in her ass. And she gets it. So, this divorcee from Southern California–a woman who says she’s into bowling and basketball and loves the Lakers and would likely open right up if Kobe Bryant said he wanted to fuck her ass, shows us that what women want, women get. Of course, sometimes, we men get what we want, too. We want to see Moreen in sloppy, messy ass sex. And we get it.

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