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Tyra Love in “Catch Of The Day” – 40 Something Mag

El trabajo siempre … Recuerde de me … Alma Perdida … Perra morir You know, some guys just don’t get the message. Tyra Love, dressed to fuck, walks up to Eric, who’s fishing. “So, what are you doing over here?” Tyra asks, although it seems to be pretty obvious. “I’m fishing,” he says. “It’s hot out,” Tyra says. “Would you like to come up to my house.” At this point, fishing dude still hasn’t looked up, so he says, “I’m pretty content fishing right now.” But Tyra’s horny. She’s not going to take no for an answer. “How about if I invited you for something to drink,” she says. “What do you think? I just live across the street.” Finally, he looks up. Turns out that Tyra’s his catch of the day. Cock is Tyra’s catch. She goes deep-crotch fishing for his hard-on and balls, then rides him hard and gets fucked from behind, her big ass providing plenty of cushion for the push-in. The lesson of this video: If you have the choice between fishing or fucking a MILF, fuck the MILF.

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